Rebate for ValuTrades


What is Cashback Forex?

In fact Forex Cashback is a kind of commission which is paid from Forex Brokers (ValuTrades) to Pipsafe for each trading.

How much do you pay back from Forex Cashback? (Highest Forex Rebates)

We, as a Forex CashBack , are responsible to pay you back %85 from the Forex Rebates. For instance, if you earn 100$ in a Forex broker in a month, we pay you 85$ for sure as a Cashback Forex.

Rebate for ValuTrades (IB for ValuTrades Broker)

Provided you are looking for an honest Forex CashBack for ValuTrades broker, you can choose PipSafe as an IB to receive %85 from FX Rebate daily or weekly. You can have a nice experience with PipSafe by having the best service provider for ValuTrades broker.

What is the amount of Rebates in ValuTrades broker ?

The exact amount of Rebate (Forex Cashback) inValuTrades broker is as following:


Account Rebates (USD)
andard Account 5.95 USD Per Lot
ECN Account 3.4 USD Per Lot
Standard Account 5.95 USD Per Lot
on ECN Account 3.4 USD Per Lot
CFDs,Oil 0.34 USD Per Lot


• Schedule Time of Paying Commission by Forex Broker:
Normally Valutrades pays IB commissions Daily.
• Is it possible Pay Rebates Weekly?
Yes,You can receive the rebates weekly


Download Forex Rebate for ValuTrades PDF


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