Vitalik Buterin Says He Used Tornado Cash to Assist Ukraine.

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Vitalik Buterin Says He Used Tornado Cash to Assist Ukraine.


Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin has publicly admitted to using the Tornado Cash protocol to aid Ukraine during the war, following Tornado Cash sanctions by the U.S. Treasury. However, when asked why he used Tornado Cash to help Ukraine, the programmer said that he did not use the mixer to protect himself but rather to protect the recipients of funds.

“I intended to protect the recipients, not myself. In any case, the Russian government knows my position on the Ukraine issue,” he said.

Buterin’s comments come just a day after the U.S. Treasury added Tornado Cash’s website and smart contracts to its sanctions list. In response, US-based stablecoin issuer Circle immediately blocklisted all addresses on the sanctions list, freezing around 75,000 USDC belonging to Tornado users. In addition, Infura and Alchemy, major blockchain infrastructure providers that many Web3 applications and users rely on, also blocked access to Tornado Cash. GitHub also complies with the ban.

Previously, Tornado Cash management refused to impose restrictions on its mixing services. However, after the infamous Ronin hack, it implemented a system to censor addresses sanctioned by the U.S. Office of Foreign Affairs Control (OFAC). The system prevents sanctioned addresses from accessing the platform’s user interface (U.I.) while preserving the architectural structure of the protocol’s smart contract.


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