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1 Bitcoin
Name Bitcoin Symbol BTC Release Date 2009 Founder Satoshi Nakamoto
2 Ethereum
Name Ethereum Symbol ETH Release Date 2013 Founder Vitalik Buterin
3 Cardano
Name Cardano Symbol ADA Release Date 2017 Founder Charles Hoskinson
4 Tether
Name Tether Symbol USDT Release Date 2014 Founder IFinex
5 Solana
Name Solana Symbol SOL Release Date 2017 Founder Anatoly Yakovenko
6 Ripple
Name Ripple Symbol XRP Release Date 2012 Founder Ryan Fugger
7 DogeCoin
Name DogeCoin Symbol Doge Release Date 2013 Founder Jackson Palmer
8 LiteCoin
Name LiteCoin Symbol LTC Release Date 2011 Founder Charlie Lee
9 Monero
Name Monero Symbol XMR Release Date 2014 Founder Riccardo Spagni
10 Shiba Inu
Name Shiba Inu Symbol SHIB Release Date 2020 Founder Ryoshi
11 Tron
Name Tron Symbol TRX Release Date 2017 Founder Justin Sun
12 Algorand
Name Algorand Symbol ALGO Release Date 2017 Founder Silvio Micali
13 Bitcoin Cash
Name Bitcoin Cash Symbol BCH Release Date 2017 Founder Roger Ver
14 Stellar
Name Stellar Symbol XLM Release Date 2014 Founder Jed McCaleb
15 Fantom
Name Fantom Symbol FTM Release Date 2018 Founder Ahn Byung Ik
16 FileCoin
Name FileCoin Symbol FIL Release Date 2019 Founder Protocol Labs
17 Bitcoin Gold
Name Bitcoin Gold Symbol BTG Release Date 2017 Founder Martin Kuvandzhiev
18 Kava
Name Kava Symbol KAVA Release Date 2018 Founder Ruaridh O’Donnell, Brian Kerr, and Scott Stuart
19 Pax Dollar
Name Pax Dollar Symbol USDP Release Date 2018 Founder Charles Cascarilla
20 Loopring
Name Loopring Symbol LRC Release Date 2017 Founder Daniel Wang
21 Qtum
Name Qtum Symbol Qtum Release Date 2017 Founder Patrick Dai
22 Holo
Name Holo Symbol HOT Release Date 2017 Founder Arthor Brock and Eric Haris
23 Zcash
Name Zcash Symbol ZEC Release Date 2015 Founder Zooko Wilcox
24 Casper
Name Casper Symbol CSPR Release Date 2021 Founder Ralf Kubli and Daniel Biesuz
Name STEPN Symbol GMT Release Date 2021 Founder Jerry Huang and Yawn Rong
26 Gala
Name Gala Symbol GALA Release Date 2019 Founder Eric Schiermeyer
27 Maker
Name Maker Symbol MKR Release Date 2015 Founder Rune Christensen
28 Flow
Name Flow Symbol FLOW Release Date 2020 Founder Roham Gharegozlou
29 Mina
Name Mina Symbol MINA Release Date 2017 Founder Evan Shapiro and Izaac Meckler
Name NEXO Symbol NEXO Release Date 2017 Founder Antoni Trenchev, Georgi Shulev, and Kosta Kantchev
31 Ankr
Name Ankr Symbol ANKR Release Date 2017 Founder Chandler Song and Ryan Fang
32 Synthetix
Name Synthetix Symbol SNX Release Date 2018 Founder Kain Warwick
33 Kadena
Name Kadena Symbol KDA Release Date 2016 Founder Stuart Popejoy and Will Martino
34 Convex Finance
Name Convex Finance Symbol CVX Release Date 2020 Founder Michael Egorov
35 eCash
Name eCash Symbol XEC Release Date 2021 Founder Amaury Sechet
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