Are Institutional Investors Still Positive About Crypto?

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Are Institutional Investors Still Positive About Crypto?


The crypto market has experienced one of the lowest cycles since the beginning of the year. Some crypto forecasters predict a more positive outlook for the cryptocurrency market in November. However, events took a negative turn. The US Federal Reserve (Fed) kept raising rates and the collapse of FTX threw the market further into chaos. Following recent events, investors have pulled most of their cryptocurrency holdings from FTX and other major exchanges. According to a Coinbase report in the Institutional Investor Digital Assets Outlook Survey, professional investors have expanded their portfolios.

The survey conducted on 140 investors between September 21 and October 27 revealed this information. The total crypto assets of these investors amounted to $2.6 trillion. This research was before the FTX crash, before the latest price drop. Of the survey participants, 62% who already own crypto assets have increased their portfolio size. This increase happened in one year. Remarkably, only 12% of survey participants reduced their wealth during the same period.



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