Binary Option Scam list

List of Binary Options Broker Scams

Binary Options scam brokers

Binary Options scam brokers

In the recent situation, there are scam brokers on Binary Option market that have different problems and can cause a lot of problems for this part of the site you can access a complete and comprehensive list of this type of brokers to have an appropriate decision for choosing a proper Binary Option broker and avoiding Binary Option scammers.

The key point to regard for success on Binary Option market

One of the key points of success on Binary Options market is working with a good and honest broker. Binary Option market is also like Forex and has its own complexities and is necessary for each trader to choose an appropriate option and not to involve him/herself in troubles related to working with Binary Options scam brokers and finally to concentrate on his/her trades and analyses.

The brokers introduced as scam brokers, are suspicious and have a large number of listed problems and belong to these two categories:

  1. Brokers which have been officially known as a scam already.
  2. Brokers which Pipsafe itself has announced as being scams and problematic due to the activity and corporation.
An important warning about Binary Options scam brokers

We as a Binary Options cashback server recommend that traders should 100% avoid trading in mentioned brokers to save their time and capital. In the recent situation, finding and working with an honest Binary Option broker which provides clear and proper services is harder than Forex brokers, because the total number of these brokers (the total number of Binary Options brokers) are less and the fraud can be seen more.

The problems that Binary Options scam brokers can cause for traders
  • Not paying customers' capital
  • Lack of clear, fast and proper support for traders
  • Not paying traders' profits and removing them
  • Artificial and simulated prices, targeted at customers loss
Our criteria for choosing a reliable broker on Binary Options market
  • Making withdrawals fast and orderly
  • Paying gained profits to the traders' accounts and honesty and promptitude in payments
  • Promptitude in responding to the users' problems and having online support
  • Transparency and not changing the prices in the direction of customers' loss
  • Having a valid license from the valid regulatory agencies (having a valid regulation)
The reliable Binary Options broker (choosing a good Binary Options broker)

If you are looking for a reliable broker for your Binary Options trades that have had proper services in its history, you can see our list of reliable brokers in the part of Binary Options broker and use them for starting your trades on Binary Options market. You can also receive an amount of commission per each trade you do, weekly or monthly.

We due to having an agency on the side of these companies and also having a consistent close relationship, evaluate their service quality and rank them in order to have a valid list of traders on Binary Options and Forex.

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