The Best Forex Weekly Rebates

Weekly Rebates

Are you one of the traders related to Forex Rebates?

PipSafe is gathering reliable, fast and honest brokers in Forex Weekly Rebates Payment. In this program, you can receive your trade Rebates weekly, and should not wait a month to get your income.

The advantages of Forex Weekly Rebates Plan
  • All the trader's Rebates are calculated and paid.
  • It is a good method for scalpers and it is not essential to wait for a month.
  • Using reliable, fast and accessible Forex Market Brokers.
  • Receiving 85% of the earned Rebates amount on all Forex brokers.
  • Without any increasing in the spreads or variation in the ranges and commissions
  • Fast and professional support
What kind of brokers are in Forex Weekly Rebates Payment Plan?

Due to our special plan, we always need fast and honest Forex brokers to return trader's earned Rebates at least four times a month, and this comes right only in cooperation with active Forex Market Brokers.

Because most of the Forex and Binary Options Brokers pay the Rebates monthly, we are not able to gather all of them in this plan, but we attempt to collect a comprehensive group of distinguished brokers for traders.

How to participate in Forex Weekly Rebates Payment plan

Generally, if you are a PipSafe user and also your broker is on our weekly brokers list, it is not necessary to do anything, and you will receive your Forex Rebates weekly on PipSafe automatically.

But if you do not have an account on PipSafe, it is necessary to create one and, join our Weekly Payment Plan and enjoy receiving Forex Rebates 4 times a month.

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