Binary Options Trading Vs Forex By Alberto Cushnir

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Binary Options Trading Vs Forex By Alberto Cushnir

Since awhile ago, trading binary options has been more and more popular, competing against other flavours of trading.Even when we agree that we need good skills and expertise to trade Forex, many people has adopted trading on binary, even with only a basic knowledge about trading.That mean some good and bad things all together.
Good, because more people trading on binary, adds liquidity to the market.
Bad, due a lot of people will crash and burn all their money when luck leave them.

Is Binary Option Trading, Gambling?

Anyway, cause of increasing popularity of binary, rests on the simple mechanism of operation. If you choose the right way, you win, any other choice, you lose. Like at the Casino.After this intro, a warn signal should lit to newcomers. Invest is not a game. Even when it look like. Learning and practicing is the golden rule. Exposing real money without the proper care, only drive you to the disaster.Inside the binary’s world, exists honest brokers and the others too … in great proportion.Before choosing a broker, read carefully the offered trading conditions and, off course, about the compliance history of them.

What is Forex Trading or Binary Options Trading?

Trading is as easy as you prepare to do it. Without the proper knowledge, you’ll depend on your luck. With the necessary skills, all ride on wheels.Well, having clarified this points, a small introduction about the main topic could help us a bit.

What means binary options? (Definition of Binary Options Trading)

It is a way to operate in the market taking into consideration only if the price of the chosen asset will rise or fall within a period of time or within a predetermined range. Sounds easy, but not always ends as we like.If we won, we receive a profit (usually less than the money we’ve risky); and if we lose … I think no need to clarify anything else.

Depending on the brokers, the list of actives available for trading may vary, but almost all, offer the most popular pairs, some metals, and even some indexes too.Maybe almost all of you know about FOREX indeed.A small review never hurts.

What means Forex?(Definition of Forex Trading)

FOREX means Foreign Exchange, and it works connecting major banks and brokers with the final users by specific programs or even using a webpage.Roughly, the broker, offers trading assets to the users, with the market quote, by the trading terminal, and the users choose what and how much to invest, optionally setting, at what price close the trade, both profit, and loss.Looks more complicated than Binaries, but gives us more flexibility to trade. It ends only if we choose to close the order, if the operation reached the profit or loss, or worst if our account has burned out. But the clock does not tick against our trade. Just our money.

As well as in Binary Options, choosing the broker is a delicate task that requires all our attention. From him depends on, to receive our profits.Maybe I’m not a good technical advisor, but I hope my comments will help you to be clearest your understanding of this amazing and attractive world of trading.
Good luck and trade with care.

By Alberto Cushnir

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