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the spread and reduced margin requirements on Bitcoin and Litecoin trading.

New digital currency trading conditions:
Instrument Type New Spread .* New Margin Req.*
Bitcoin Weekly (BTC_Weekly) $2.00 (over market) 5%
Bitcoin Mini (BTC_Mini) $2.00 (over market) 25%
Litecoin Weekly (LTC_Weekly) $0.05 (over market) 10%
Litecoin Mini (LTC_Mini) $0.05 (over market) 100%


Will Bitcoin bounce back?

After reaching a peak value of more than $1,200 at the tail end of 2013, Bitcoin now trades at around $250.
Whether you think Bitcoin will eventually regain its value or is set to tumble further, with AvaTrade you can trade long or short instantly – and now with even better trading conditions.

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