Comparing Binary Options and Forex Market

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Comparing Binary Options and Forex Market (Forex and Binary Options Trading Information)

Talking about binary vs. Forex is very interesting where each has a strong character in terms of platform either an indicator or in the case of the execution market, whether we start with binary many ysng said binary very risky compared to Forex may be true also with ketebatasan prescribed time this very difficult to make a profit, unlike with Forex on Forex platform that all is in the hands of traders in the sense that no time is specified, but can be minimized losses by placing a stop loss and even this time is not limited to such a binary 1 times open trade can be left for days .

Forex Robots (EA) and platform

Today the usual type of long traders than it is on the platform Fores many facilities for traders to get profit Sepetti one EA or robot which pengertisn EA is when EA activated on the Forex platform he will work itself according to the rule which we have previously made or rule as you wish while kalu trader at binary no facilities for it, if you ask me to play in a binary better with smaller time frame and select the time clock market open trading in Japan, Europe or America.

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