Contract for Sushi DEX Approval Exploited for $3.3M

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Contract for Sushi DEX Approval Exploited for $3.3M


Early on Sunday, developers requested that users cancel contracts as a security precaution.

Decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol Sushi’s exchange services were compromised early on Sunday, according to a tweet from the protocol’s creators.

The ‘RouterProcessor2’ contract, which manages trade routing on the SushiSwap exchange, is notably affected by the vulnerability.

Security company PeckShield alerted on Sunday morning in Asia that “It seems the SushiSwap RouterProcessor2 contact has an approve-related bug, which leads to the loss of >$3.3M loss,” which Sushi engineers subsequently verified.

The $3.3 million appears to have been contributed by a single individual, @0xsifu, a well-known trader in the Crypto Twitter community, according to many tweets from several security companies.

In the meantime, SushiSwap head developer Jared Grey asked users to revoke permissions for all contracts on SushiSwap as a security measure, adding the team was “working with security teams to mitigate the issue.” DefiLlama developer @0xngmi said Sunday that the exploit only seemed to affect users who approved Sushiswap contracts in the past 4 days.


Source: – Contract for Sushi DEX Approval Exploited for $3.3M
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