Differences Between Binary Options & Forex Trading

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Differences Between Binary Options & Forex Trading

Talking about binary option vs Forex, very interesting to discuss binary option is the basic structure of the platform is no different with Forex platform only indicators / tools in analyzing the limited when compared to the Forex platform is Meta Trader, in binary open position based on time, meaning here when we will conduct an open trade we have to choose the time it takes.

How To Trade Forex (Forex Trading Examples)

For example open trade buy in pair EUR/USD 1.1111 with a time of 1 minute when timed for 1 minute and the price of EUR/USD is in the 1.1112 we will benefit and vice versa so in binary no time constraints, unlike Meta trader in Forex platform in addition to the indicators fuller nor the limitations of time or can hold depends on the situation on the market, other than that there is the facility script robot (EA) for those of you who have a busy life outside of course robots (EA) it is consistent with the rule or what you want when trading manually, but it all depends on you are running more comfortable with Binary option trading or Forex Meta trader platform.

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