Differences in Forex and Binary Options Trading

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Differences in Forex and Binary Options Trading (Forex VS Binary Options)

A new trader to start trading normally be faced with the choice whether or trading Forex binary options. They also may consider trading stocks or commodities, but since it takes more capital, the choice is more to Forex or binary. Forex and binary although it uses the same chart, but the way they are different trading.Before discussing the differences, let us discuss the similarities first.

Similarities in Forex and Binary Options(Comparing Forex and Binary Options)

1. Both can be traded online during the hours of the market opening.
2. We can start online trading in Forex and binary by using a relatively small capital, with 10 dollars or even 1 dollar we are able to start online trading Forex binary options atapun.
3. Can trade in the time period we wanted, short term or long term.
4. Both can generate profit from the price movement of currency in the market.

The difference between Forex and binary options are as follows:(Which one is good for you?)

1. In binary options profit and loss potential is determined first before the order is executed. For example, in the binary options payout 80% kept us tradingkan $ 10, is that profit can be $ 8 and $ 10 if the loss. So the loss of its fixed profit, in contrast to Forex trading where we can turn a profit target and stop loss even though the order has been executed.
2. In the calculation of the profit to movements in market prices are also different. In binary options we could profit or loss in large numbers despite the change in price of only 1 point. Differences with loss ya profit in Forex which is comparable to the price movement in the market.
3. The next difference is in term of trading contracts, which in binary options contract specified limit before the contract is executed, for example, one hour, one hour after the contract expires and profit loss certainly be directly calculated. Differences with Forex trading that we can terminate the contract at any time we want.

That is the equation between Forex and binary options. Although different but the same goal, namely profit. All we have to adjust to our comfort.

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