Differences and Similarities Forex and Binary Option

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Traders in general terms of choosing Forex Trader was not like the Binary Option, Binary Option Trader So also do not like the Forex Trading. From there it has been discovered that the Forex and binary is different. if the same cook same trader – equally do not like to trade that they do not learn. In detail, I will explain some of the differences between Forex and Binary Option.The Equation Forex and Binary Option include : Both use the internet connection to stay connected with the trading server.

And thrive together (thrive binary and Forex)
Can provide great advantage or disadvantage. Fortunately, if your position correctly and Loss If the position is wrong. it seems fair enough.Assets were traded the same trade. It can be a currency, spot, metal, and other stock

Trading equally be done by hand or using Robot (using robot in binary options)
The strategies used in Forex trading also can use the Binary option. This is because they both use tick charts as trading assets.

Differences continue Forex and Binary Option are:

Different in terms of the way trade transactions. Binary Option Impressed easier to use and does not need to learn things that are quite complicated.In Forex there is one type of trade, so you have to select the assets to be traded, the amount to be traded, amount to be traded, the profit will be taken (Take Profit), losses are to be taken (Stop Loss) and also must determine the calculation of free margin (free margin), Spread, Leverage. But in Binary Option, it is not necessary to know. you just need to choose what assets will be in Traffic your, amount of money that will be at stake, as well as the time of the completion of the Order. Usually 5 minutes up to 1 month. it depends on the policy of each broker.

Different in terms of the calculation of the Advantages and Disadvantages after opening position.
If you play in Forex Trading, After you open a Buy or Sell position, you do not know when it will meutup position, could be one minute, one hour, and so on. and the amount of profits and kerugianpun would not you know even though there are already determining Stop lost (SL) or Take Profit (TP). It still can be in close before touching Touching Stop Loss and Take Profit.apalagi If you are a newbie, usually when experiencing a loss, we can not wait for to soon close it. so also when the benefit.

In Binary Option after you membula position up or down

, you can find out how many losses we have to bear, and also how much benefit we will receive if true. Besides depending on the time you specify. prior to the specified time, the position will not be shut down.Different in terms of Risk Management. In Forex, Risk Management was determined by the number of Stop Loss and Take Profit Amount. Even then, the Unit Pips. So you must know the amount of the nominal value of each Pips how, depending Lot Number of open positions that you do. Sometimes too Many beginner traders who do not implement Risk Management. so many beginner traders who Roll Mat. It looks pretty complicated for traders Beginners if bandingakan with Binary Option.

Understanding binary option Risk Management

Risk management in the binary option is simpler and easier because everything can be seen in the nominal value.
That He Differences and Similarities Forex and Binary Option that can know. Actually there are many differences and equation. maybe next time we can meet at different posts and clearer. It also includes a Free Forex Studies that you get for free. From the above, what conclusions can we Collect?


Binary option may seem easier in comparison Forex Trading. But that does not mean you will be able to benefit easily in Binary option. My advice, if you really want to learn Forex Trading, better you learn a difficult thing first. Later you will definitely know by itself, which is easy and what is difficult.



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