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Forex bonus such as welcome Forex bonus, no deposit bonus and etc are important part of promotion that a Forex broker need to provide to attract more clients. Because mostly traders want to get bonus before they decide to join that broker. But here we are talking about disadvantages and advantages Forex bonus that provide by Forex broker and binary option broker.

Discuss about disadvantages of Forex bonus (Forex No deposit Bonus)

Firstly we will discuss about disadvantages of Forex bonus, honestly many Forex broker give a bonus with term and condition that quite hard, as a trader we must traded more lots to require the withdrawal term and condition.

If it’s fair enough it will be fine, but in the fact some brokers really want to make a profit for themselves, but yeah we must follow the broker rules if we trade used a bonus from the broker, the good point we can rate the broker it’s friendly with the clients or not One more disadvantages of Forex bonus, we can trade reckless because not trade with our own money, since it’s only a bonus we trade like play a game, no money management no risk management, only trade and use the bonus, withdraw or margin call that’s all.

And we will discuss the interesting part of Forex bonus, advantages of Forex bonus or no deposit bonus based on my own experience.

Actually many of advantages that we can get from Forex bonus as a trader (Advantages of Forex Bonus)

1. We can trade use a bonus it’s mean no need to deposit money.
2. We can practice with real account mostly no deposit bonus used real account so we can develop our trading skills.
3. An evaluation that’s broker is scam or not, after fulfill the term and condition of bonus, we can know the broker is scam or not by paying our withdrawal from the bonus that we already finished.

4. We also can trial the platform use bonus account, how fast the execution, requote or not, slippage and etc.
5. Good promotion for the broker because Forex bonus will attract more clients.

Real free money for all Forex Traders!(Choose Right Forex Broker to trade!)

After long discussion we can think that there is really of real free money for all traders that can choose right  Forex  broker,my opinion if trade with bonus account, just trade like usual and we must wise, even there is a bonus that’s mean real free money that we can withdraw it, not all brokers will give it freely, many scam Forex brokers that provide many of bonus but we must aware that not all brokers are rich and paid our withdrawal.

This article based on my own experience and I’m a kind of bonus trader, some brokers paid and some not paid, just not depends on the bonus account, so we are not disappointed if the broker is scam.

By Ali Faisol

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