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Some information about ECN & by market orders in Forex brokers .
Most of brokers have some delay to get price from Price providers!Normally price providers get their Price from Most important and largest banks in the world , such as   Bank of America & Deutsche Bank & others .It is not some things that Forex brokers can avoid it, any Forex Broker can improve their servers and software’s to decrease time of this delay, some brokers solve delay problems by ECN accounts, ECN means when you Place a Trade, before conformation by broker, price of order will be check again with at least one  price provider,and if price is valid  then order will be confirm and open…
but this method of ECN check, take some times with servers,,, and some broker  increase time to remove or reduce checking real prices! it means orders will be open with out checking for second times via price providers.This second ECN have Fast Order placing but maybe some users  abuse form prices and send fake prices to cheat brokers,or some time  some users compare prices with fast brokers and trade on Slow brokers,,,, but this is not some things that see via ears, they will check via Software’s
For Example:
Broker A are 40 milliseconds faster than B 
than you can compare forex pairs price between A & B
and put orders in B by see real  price of A, 
Example: price in B is  1.1130  and price of A in same  time is 1.1135, if some one buy on B ,probably they will win some things!
In this cases some broker pay money from his pocket and really they can not cover orders by other banks.from 15 years ago until now, brokers speed increased and delay of prices decreased.. and job of Forex price Cheaters become hard and harder.
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author: Dr.I Jabari
date of Release: 2015/05/26

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