Ethereum Merge Makes the Network Vulnerable to Attacks

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Ethereum Merge Makes the Network Vulnerable to Attacks, According to Security Expert


The security expert said that while PoS is theoretically not as secure as PoW, he concedes that it still has “enough practical security.”While the Ethereum merge is being touted as a significant upgrade to the blockchain network, its transition to proof-of-stake theoretically makes it more vulnerable to exploit. Unlike proof-of-work systems, a proof-of-stake system informs nodes what blocks they are validating, thus allowing attacks to be planned, the security expert said.

The Security expert is a blockchain developer and security researcher working on proof-of-stake layer 2 blockchains. The researcher explained that an exploit could theoretically occur on the post-Merge Ethereum blockchain if validators manage to line up two consecutive blocks to validate. From an economic perspective, this vulnerability makes these attacks relatively easy to execute. The expert said miners could also confirm consecutive blocks in a PoW network, but this amounts to “pure luck and doesn’t give miners time to plan an attack.



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