Ethereum Still Doesn’t Match Bitcoin, According to Tether CTO

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Ethereum Still Doesn’t Match Bitcoin, According to Tether CTO


Paolo Ardoino, CTO of Tether and Bitfinex, recently said that Ethereum still doesn’t match Bitcoin because its story keeps changing. Ardoino said “While Bitcoin is a form of money, Ethereum is stuck between claims of being a form of money and claims of being a platform, but ETH cannot compete with Bitcoin on the money front because there is no fixed supply, and it isn’t really a world computer yet because it has a shared global state and hence too slow to be scalable.”

However, Ardoino is more critical of the change, declaring, “The merge will not fix transaction fees or make Ethereum more decentralized. Furthermore, Ardoino added that The Merge would not impact ecosystem Layer 2 solutions as it does not directly solve Ethereum’s scalability problems. The real message here is not what the merge will change, but what asset already exists that provides the primary themes for our industry, which includes true decentralization, Ardoino concluded.



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