Ethereum testnet Beacon Chain launched!

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Ethereum testnet Beacon Chain  launched!


The second Ethereum testnet is being prepared for integration after the successful launch of the Ropsten network. The Sepolia testnet is ready for launch as Ethereum ‘s beacon chain is now operational and able to to give developers valuable information leading up to the real thing. The Sepolia testnet will integrate with its proprietary beacon chain and use the Proof of Stake (PoS) protocol. Following this integration, developers could examine the performance of Proof of Stake (PoS) protocol in the Ethereum network. Testnet merges are essential for Ethereum developers and independent project developers who use the Ethereum network to understand what can expect when the actual merge takes place.

Ethereum’s energy consumption is expected to decrease by 99.9% by merging the main Ethereum network into the PoS consensus model. Sepolia was launched in October 2021. Core Ethereum developer Tim Beiko confirmed in April that the Ropsten testnet would be removed and replaced by Sepolia. It should be mentioned that Public testnets such as Sepolia and Ropsten are designed to test the operating conditions of newly established networks without affecting the main net. Ropsten is the longest-lasting testnet launched in 2016. It underwent its merge on June 8, which was the first instance of a merge trial run for Ethereum.



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