EURUSD Signal and Analysis 07Feb to 13 Feb 2016

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EURUSD Signal and Analysis 07Feb to 13 Feb 2016


EURUSD start buy trend about 10 weeks ago and till now it seems that EURUSD is eager to go up !

Previous week EURUSD up trend changed it show our uptrend has enough power

But now it’s not good for buy signal on EURUSD I believe that we should wait till market go down till 1.10751 then we can open our buy position on EURUSD if market did not go down it’s better to send our buy stop order on 1.12250.


EURUSD Candlestick view:


When we look at market candles you can see long down shadow and market rest for 3 weeks then on previous week market goes up powerfully


Now we can look at 2 scenarios:

  • Market will continue up trend powerfully to be sure about this it’s better wait till market break the price 1. 12250
  • Market will rest and continue up trend on Thursday or Friday

The important note is we can’t see any reason to open sell order


Author: M.Jamshidi

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