EUR/USD Technical Analysis(2016.02.24)

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EUR/USD Technical Analysis(2016.02.24)

The EUR/USD pair fell just a bit during the course of the session, testing the 1.10 level. If we can close below the level on the daily chart, we would be sellers as the market should then reach towards the 1.08 handle. On the other hand, if we break back above the 1.1050 level, we would be buyers as it should show the market continuing the uptrend and the breakout that we had recently seen. We will use the daily close to make any trades though, so we are not going to jump into this until the end of the session.

EUR/USD  Chart



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EUR/JPY Entry: 123.15 Strategy: SELL Take Profit: 122.70 and 122.40 Stop Loss: 123.75


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