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If you don’t have accurate information about forex, please gather it and try improve your information about Forex, you can use our education part of pipsafe for learn more about Forex risk & bisic knowledge about Forex. , Pipsafe will be useful for professional’s Forex customers who has enough knowledge about forex & Forex Rebates & Scalping in Forex.
A Rebate is money paid from the Broker to every Trade you made in The broker. Rebate usually is part of the spread.
If you open an Forex account directly with the forex broker, the forex broker’s would not pay any part of spread to client but if you open an account through Introducer of brokers(IB) links (like pipsafe)we will get commissions from your trades &we will payback some part of this Rebates to our forex clients.
We pay 85% of amount that we receive from the broker.less than 15% is our benefit. in the other words ,We pay base of net forex Rebate amount will receive from forex brokers. Normally we pay Rebate with any e-currency that client request it, like Webmoney, neteller, skrill, payapal,
There is no difference. Spread on all Currency & metal … to open the account directly with the Forex Brokers or through on Pipsafe it will be the same. The only differences you will get Rebate commission if you open account through our pipsafe site.
Yes to get the rebate you should enter account number and Select name of forex Broker you opened an account with them to pipsafe panel. Otherwise you will not be able to get rebate.

You must open account via our link in forex broker list of pipsafe website, some time because of some problem from your side, or Forex broker, links dose not work properly and you must send email manually to broker for put your forex account in IB group of pipsafe.

& some time forex brokers dose not accept moving client to our group & you must open new account if you like get Forex Rebate from pipsafe.

The forex Rebate is received from the Forex brokers. Forex Brokers share their profits with introducing Brokers as a way of marketing to attract new clients. We then share our rebates with our clients. Our client’s receive 85% of the rebates that we receive !
We receive IB commissions from Brokers in USD, therefore we can not offer Rebates in EUR, GBP, JPY,…
Yes. we pay Rebate for all forex accounts however the Rebates are proportionate to the size of the Trade & amount of rebate that forex brokers pay.
Usually we do not do that. A third party cannot make payments into your account as part of anti-laundering measures, But in Some case that we be force and it not be illegal, we will do it
We do not charge our clients for forex Cash Back program.
We offer the following payment methods for your Rebates: Wire Transfer: ($300 minimum) Skrill: ($1 Minimum) Pay pal: ($10 Minimum) Perfect Money: ($1 Minimum) Web Money: ($1 minimum)) Neteller : ($1 minimum)
maybe Yes. but You must inform us before open account & we try Become partner of them Please send email to [email protected] and we will investigate adding them to the list.
normally we pay Rebates 10-15th each month,Most forex Brokers pay us once a month. You can view your balance inside the pipsafe Cabinet.

Yes, in most cases. read this page about Change IB

if you have a question about change IB after read this page, connect us.

Yes. You can even receive forex Rebates from more than one Broker as you wish.
We are based on various factors grading the Brokers credit such as votes of public and votes of our experts. Also we check many things such as the establishment and background of Brokers and Types of regulations they hold. Grading the quality of the Brokers, we will consider some facts like, quality of service, parameter of the quality of a Brokers, her/his kindness to the customer and give score to the Brokers between 0 and 100 which will be given by our company called Pipsafe score. Select the Brokers with high scores greatly respected by our customers choice and we are confident that we will always try to update those Brokers.
When you as a Client open a trading account Thought our link ,we earn a commission from your broker for any trade you made. We get back some part of this commissions( 85%) to clients. Your trading conditions do not change if you open account via our links, they remain the same as if you had opened and account directly with the broker .in the other word you can trade with lower spreads when you have corporate with pipsafe.com .
some time we pay more than 85% , You can contact us about this case.
In case of High Volume trade, you contact us ,and we will offer better deal if it possible.
There is different amounts we pay, our sample is EUR/USD and just example we pay different rebate for different pairs you trades.
Please feel free to contact our friendly & courteous staff whose insight and knowledge of the Forex market can be a great advantage to any Forex Trader beginner or expert. We are always here to assist you with whatever questions you may have.
You will get extra income from your trades for free! Forex brokers will pay us commission for your trades and we will share 85% of it with you! (this is called Forex rebate to this Forex Commission)
We pay 5% as referral bonus.It means you will receive 5% of earnings generated by your referrals for every month.

Some brokers have some rules which will limit paying rebate, some brokers wont pay for Scalping Trades which are closed in less than 3 minutes or 3 pips!

We recommend you read rules of related brokers.

In some cases Forex Brokers have open hands for not giving Rebate for some reason like Forex Arbitrage Trading & Forex Fake Price trading.

If you think The amount of rebate you receive is less than your calculation feel free for contact us, we will provide details.
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