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Technical Analysis of EUR/GBP Dates 2014.12.04
Written by the technical team of PipSafe Company

EUR/GBP during the recent days was in a strong and consistent Downtrend that sellers were successful in achieving the lowest price of 0.78317.Right now price in long time frames such as monthly and weekly is above 5-day moving average and warns about price increase in long period of time.As it is obvious in the picture below, price during the descending has touched the Up Trendline (made of 4 bottom prices) and also the S3(WP) level of 0.78317, stoped of more downtrend and on the whole there is possibility of formation of a bottom price and changing price direction.

As it is obvious in the picture below, there is a harmonic Gartley pattern between the bottom price of 0.78317 and the top price of 0.80374 that there is a potential for changing price direction from D point of this pattern.Stoch indicator is in saturation sell area that confirms the current bottom price and warns about ascending of price during the next candles.Generally until the mentioned bottom price on the Up Trendline is preserved, the price has the potential for reformation and ascending in this currency pair.

EUR/GBP Chart 2014.12.04





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