Forex is profitable or a fake job ?!

My question is Forex profitable or a fake job?

Respond to this question completely related to your understanding about Forex. if you like accept Forex as job i will as experience Forex trader tell you. any job has a risk and Forex has multiple risks .it is not good for all.
Unfortunately a lot of people attract to the Forex because of amazing things that exist in this market.such as
1- Start with low money.
2- No need physical places.
3-Easy to use.
4- Normally no chase by government for tax purposes(no tax).
5- Excitement of Forex market.
6- High leverage and free bonuses offer by Forex brokers and …

Any way this is one side of this job and in the other side you must see

1-A lot of people lose their time and money in this market.
2-It is not physical job and is harmful for body.
3- A lot of Forex users thing only money and have a science of Forex is enough but this idea is not true money and science is some part of the element that need for achieve profit from Forex market most important parameter is mental discipline.most of users did not have mental discipline to Forex trade and do not like accepted too and it is tend to multiple loses.
4- Forex users normally have addiction to trade or following Forex market and in a result may they lose a lot of situation and it is trouble and as a result of Forex trading, trader can face to depression
Any way any one is free to select job they like to do but it is better they know some more about risks of the job they are doing not only about profit or loss but about risks on health

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I Agree with you. this vedio is usful for forex trader(biginers)

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thank you for your article forex have high risk

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