Forex Market and Daesh!

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Forex Market and Daesh!
Terrorist group called Daesh with bombings and killings innocent people cross-regional caused the world to thinking. Explosion and killing in France on Friday could be a wake up call to all the world. France is among the safest countries in the world and challenging the security of France by Isis
 Reminded that:
Probably all countries will be in access of this terrorist group and according to the ideology of Isis,consider this group is very high risk and dangers. If this group to acquire non-conventional weapons,according to the wild mood of the group, there is the possibility of using these weapons and then we will see a major humanitarian disaster.
It is hoped that with the cooperation of neighboring countries of Iraq as soon as possible to have the power to target to the core this terrorists. Unfortunately, the destruction of the Isis will not possible just with air strikes and it is inevitable and need Interference infantry forces . Might be in the short term the terrorist attacks do not impact on the financial markets but if it repeats or fear of repeat global markets direction will lead to a serious challenge.

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