Forex Market and No deposit Bonus!

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Forex Market and No deposit Bonus!

Forex is a market where billions of dollar traded over a day and huge number of people , as well as large number of bank involved in this market. Its a market of great prospect for every individuals but also have bear in mind that its a market of great risk. That’s why I always advised to the new trader that start steadily and also with a handsome amount money.

100$ No deposit Bonus for Forex Traders (Free Forex Bonuses)

To those who don’t want to risk their own money no deposit money could be a great opportunity. Lots of broker now a days provided that nice opportunity to attract trader to join in their company. To me its a wonderful opportunity for the new trader to take the smell of real market. Its also a wonderful opportunity for other experienced trader to test the platform of those broker.

Sometimes you can gain some handsome money by using those no deposit bonus. The trader who is also looking some platform to test their strategy this also could a smiley opportunity.

Most of the broker provided $5-$100 no deposit no a days. Its a good amount to feel the smell of this cats and dogs market.But sometimes it could be boring one and also not too much useful one.

Here is some major reason: (The Most Important Rules You Must Know About Forex Bonuses)

1. Most of the broker provided no deposit bonus and that’s should be wonderful for all trade. But sometime they imposes some Terms and condition which is absolutely funny one and most of the rubbish one. And most of the time they told the trader to meet the lot condition within a a certain time period which should be a dangerous one. Cause on that case trader will look for big lot trade with more high risk and at the end they will end with no gain.
2. This no deposit money most of the time could be very small amount ranging from $5-$100. For this giant market its nothing and trader cant go far with this money.
3. Most of the Forex brokers offer no deposit bonus on cent account or micro account. On that case real trader cant get the test of ECN and anything like similar that. Its might not work well who want to test the ECN platform.
4. No deposit bonus can increase greed of the trader, cause because of those bonus trader could lost concentration on pure strategy.

But overall no deposit bonus is a good invention by broker and its bring nice opportunity to the trader but broker have to understand that those funny terms might not bring any good for any side.

By Tapash Rakshit

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