Forex Regulation

Forex Brokers Regulation

PipSafe Company, by careful examination, investigates different aspects of Forex brokers or Binary Option sites (including ownership, financial honesty, financial support, broker addresses, and all the security cases) and will award a Pipsafe credit certificate to valid Binary Option sites. This certificate means intended site is approved as a regulatory company.

You can find list of approved companies in this link.

Binary option or Forex companies can have contacts with us for requesting regulation in Pipsafe.

Please consider the below points in your email:

Please send us email from your formal Binary option or Forex site

Please mention all needed information like address or telephone number

All conversations should be the name of Binary option or Forex’s beneficiary

After sending email, our team will check carefully and after that we will have contact you to get regulation successfully.

How to Contact Us

If there are any questions regarding the PipSafe privacy policy you can contact us at any time. please contact our Customer Support

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