Forex Strategy one candle Pinbar TF D1

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Forex Strategy one candle Pinbar TF D1
The main reference in this trading strategy that candle pattern appearing on Daily TF, which then will we combine with Supply Demand.

Why should use TF Daily? (What is the Best Time Frame to Trade?)

The reason is quite simple, from a number of existing TF, candle pattern provides a significant effect only when they appear in large TF, one of them daily.

Do not believe?

Try to note the candle pattern appearing in TF M5 or M15, and note how many candle patterns are valid, even in respect entirely by the market.

Why does this happen?(The Big Player in Forex Market)

Did you know, the majority of Big Player always analyzed with reference to the TF great. And as we know that the Big Player has a considerable role in moving prices in the market.There are so many candle pattern in Forex, only a couple of candle pattern affords a significant impact.Candle, among other Pinbar, Engulfing, and Evening / Morning Star.

Reading Candlestick Chart Pattern (How to Read a Candlestick Chart)

If you really intend to become a master Candlestick, I suggest to focus on the three types of candle pattern.
And for learning time, we’ll try to use one of the third candle, namely Pinbar. I chose Pinbar because the candle is the most frequent type to appear on the chart.

Pinbar and Reversal Candlestick Patterns (Pinbar with Supply Demand)

Thus the chances signal that we will get more, has not it?Pinbar here we will enable the candle reversal “Reversal Candle“.That is, when it appears Pinbar, then the assumption the price will reverse direction, which then will we confirm with Supply Demand.To facilitate us to analyze and increase the accuracy of the use of Forex strategy at a candle that we do, we will combine Pinbar with Supply Demand (SND).

Supply Demand What the heck is that? (How to draw Supply and Demand zone)

  • Supply and demand is an area / strong limit a price.
  • In the area of this area is usually the price reverses.
  • And SND has the exact same function with Support Resistance.
  • SND is marked with candles clustered in the same area (sideways).
  • SND is also fairly easy to identify, simply by visually without using tools.


Market analysis using one candle (Candlestick Chart Patterns explained)

To facilitate your understanding in following the guidelines of Forex strategy at a candle, I will explain the steps it into the points raised, so that you can follow a structured / her in accordance with the stages.
Step 1

Search Pinbar which appeared in the daily TF (pinbar must have been formed / close candle, should not be when the price is still running).After the meet please mark. If so, please go to step 2.

Step 2

Once you find a Pinbar on Daily TF, the next step is to find an area supply demand.To allow you to do so, you can download the chart zoom to a smaller view, so that you can include a range of views of the back of the chart history.

Step 3

Consider whether pinbar that you found in step # 1 is in the area of SND?If so then Pinbar is valid to be used as a reference OP.When the two steps above are met, did OP until then (just as the newly formed Pinbar).Do not do OP when prices are already running too far from Pinbar (although the signal which appears already qualified)

Step 4

The layout of the SL just above Pinbar, and for placement of at least 2X the target TP is greater than SL.

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