France ISIS attack and FOREX MARKET Future

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Who are the ISIS?
ISIS means: Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham or Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.Now the ISIS group isknowing as a terrorism group in the world now if you want know more about this group please go to this link:

On 14 November ISIS explosion a bomb in Paris and about 160 people has been dead, and they menace EUROPE countries especially France to more terrorism attacks.Well in this situation we must know what will happen in Forex market

There are 2 Important questions:

1- Is terrorism attack effect on Forex market prices or especially EURO value?

2- Is it possible that the other currencies receive effectof this adventure?

The simple way to understand this situation and analyze it is looking at the charts movement before and after this attack.







As you can see on the charts the first action happened on EUR value and it was decreasedbut it was not huge movement so the other point is we can’t see any special movement on other currencies even on the other European currencies like GBP or CHF.


The EUR value trend was down when we have not safety in one of the important Euro zone country the EUR value should go down again.

Terrorism adventure will decrease social safety and it affect on market volatility because the people scare to invest in the market they try to buy and sell only their needed goods like food or wear specially the rich

people try to leave their country orescape in this situation they will sell their Euros and change it to other currencies.

Please let see what happened on Gold, Oil, and stock prices after the ISIS attack.




As you can see GOLD show up GAP but why?

The gold trend was down before the ISIS attack but now it is probable that a few of the Europeans people especially the people who live in France and Paris try to buy Gold because Gold is safer than currencies well if they do this the gold price will go up trend very soon.




As you can see there is no gap on Oil on Monday but we had fast down and uptrend because the main ISIS incoming is from sell oil maybe the international organization try to decrease the oil price in future.


France 120 Spot Index:


We had not decreasing price movement on France Index it seems that it is not real movement and the political policy in France just try to show that the ISIS attack was not important!


I believe that EURO fall down Euro zone is in a biggest challenge from the beginning and it will fall down more and more economic problem social safety and security can tell us the Euro value will decrease against all other currencies so maybe we are facing with decrease oil price and increasing Gold price in future.


Author: M.Jamshidi

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sarah Says

3 3

Its very useful analysis concerning forex market future and daesh!

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sarah Says

2 4

Gold is the safest thing in the present and of course bitcoin as well!!

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NIMA S. Says

3 3

Maybe This attach was Just Show a Poetical Game!France need Sell His Weapons! This Is a unclean plan

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Mohi Asal Says

2 3

Hey Nimaz do you mean political game?!All forex market is political game !


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