GBP/USD trading (2015.09.15)

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GBP/USD trading (2015.09.15)

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The GBP which is also referred to as Cable, the British Pound or even pound sterling, tends to trade at a wider range during the day. The GBP/USD is renowned as the most erratic and volatile currency pair as it is not unusual to see false alarms and unpredictable movements. Having unforeseeable changes in its price is the major attraction for experiences traders along with a very challenging investment for beginners.

The use of Technical Analysis and of the fundamental news coming from the United Kingdom and the U.S. are common grounds to trading the pair in an informed manner that helps you increase your chances of profitability. There are a couple of good tips you need to consider when you choose trading GBP/USD. Building a definitely good trading strategy is based on always keeping yourself abreast to news of both economies especially to identify and observe unexpected economic news releases which may cause erratic behaviour in this pair’s market price.




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