Get a 300% bonus for each deposit in Ramadan!

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300% bonus – Increase your funds to 300% and donate all spreads and IB commissions to charity.

The holy month of Ramadan is a unique chance to trade for a good cause. Join the charitable promotion to prove your faith, encourage kindness, empathy, and respect for people’s dignity regardless of their income.

Start now and have the whole month for leading the world in the right direction. For each transferred amount you get a 300% margin bonus. You start trading as usual and once you close a profitable deal, both the IB commission and spread go to the charitable organizations.

Take 3 easy steps to get the bonus and help those in need:

Open a Ramadan bonus account
Create an account starting from April 29.

Make a transfer and get a bonus
You transfer $100+ to the Ramadan account – we credit a 300% bonus.

FBS forwards all spreads and IB commissions to charity
The IB commission and spread from closed deals go directly to people in need.

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