Gold Analysis (2015.11.10)

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Gold Analysis (2015.11.10)

At the moment world gold prices hold at the critical point 1090 dollar.Maybe it was unexpected for many people to see the price to come down to this point but we think this is the start of the down trend according to the analysis of gold charts first target price $ 975 and .finally will be $ 890.Get sell position at a price near $1140 seems reasonable.

If you are looking for short-term gains the following positions are appropriate and at the moment even thinking of buying gold is not a good idea unless the endure to see prices about $ 900 for gold .If the price get to the $ 900 that will be golden opportunity to purchase and most likely in short term the gold will touch $ 900 .

Gold Chart

Gold Final Target

Author : Dr. Iman Jabari

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Saner Says

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Great Analysis .do you have any analysis for Silver as well?


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