Have Cryptocurrencies Reached Their End?

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Have Cryptocurrencies Reached Their End?


Pseudonymous altcoin analyst Sherpa told his 187,100 Twitter followers that historical crypto market performance is unlikely to predict the duration of the current bear market due to the different macroeconomics in play. In addition, past bear markets/accumulations are probably not the same as the current ones. Every market cycle is different. Macro environment has never looked like it currently does in 2022. So we could even be here longer.”

Altcoin Sherpa expects at least another three to six months before the cryptocurrency market turns bullish. Ultimately, we could still be chopping around for three-to-six months and more. Accumulation takes a long time and patience is the name of the game. I think most would do best DCA (dollar-cost averaging) into [Bitcoin] and [Ethereum]. Altcoin Sherpa also said that the crypto market sees fluctuations into new recent highs or lows, but he still believes the market has not bottomed yet.



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