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With Libertex, you can trade CFDs on equities, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and more through an online broker. The business has been operating for more than ten years. The company’s web trading platform, which is tailored for inexperienced traders is one of its unique characteristics and advantages, as mentioned in the Libertex forex broker review. It has high information content, sophisticated technical functionality, and an easy-to-use interface.



Platform’s usefulness. Its interface is easy to use for online trading on PCs, laptops, and other devices.


Fees for its accounts vary depending on the underlying asset. For instance, Forex CFD fees are 0.0005%.

Quick registration procedure.

No in-house technology solutions are available for passive investment.

Tight spreads.


More than 300+ CFDs on indices, cryptocurrencies, precious metals, equities, and gas and oil—nearly all of the most widely traded underlying assets—all on one platform.

The company can only be accessed via the web and mobile apps; adding custom advisors and indicators is not possible. Trading by algorithms is not possible.

An investment account that offers commission-free actual stock trading.


If you are interested in cryptocurrency, sign up and trade with this broker. Numerous cryptocurrency pairs, including ones with cash, are available on Libertex. Spreads as little as 0 pip are available for all assets, and trading is fee-free.

Bitcoin mining as well as trading is possible. The company offers a free, user-friendly mining application for cryptocurrencies that has no fees or contributions. Coins acquired with this program can be traded right away.

But don’t trade with this company if: You want to generate passive income in addition to mining profits. Although the broker provides several affiliate programs, all of them need a lot of online engagement. Joint accounts and copy trading are not offered.

Libertex in One Look

Retail and seasoned traders can take advantage of leveraged products and investment opportunities offered by this firm, as stated in the Libertex forex broker review. The organization was established in 2012 and has its headquarters in Cyprus. It is a part of the Libertex Group. More than 300 CFD underlying assets are available from Libertex, including equities, FX pairings, commodities, ETFs, options, and more.

The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) oversees and regulates this company. The firm is also FC Bayern, the German heavyweight champions’ official online trading partner. This broker’s biggest advantage is its extremely flexible price structure. Considering spreads, commissions, swaps, and other trading fees, this company has some of the lowest costs in the market.

It also offers a large selection of trading platforms, including MetaTrader 4 and 5, the main Libertex platform, and account kinds such as CFD, Invest, and Demo accounts.  The ideal mix of low costs and a comparatively big quantity of generally volatile underlying assets, such as shares, indices, and cryptocurrencies, makes it ideal for high-frequency trading.

because alternative underlying assets, including option CFDs, are available, swing and day trading tactics can also be applied. This firm is a good option for those who wish to make dividend-paying investments in actual stocks.

But please note that there is still a glaring lack of educational resources. All traders can generally take advantage of its incredibly low fees and flexible platforms. But, you might find it inadequate if you’re a novice trader seeking information or an experienced trader seeking in-depth market research.

Is It Safe to Trade With?

Libertex Europe is a well-known name in the European trading sector, having been in business for more than ten years. It has over 26 years of international trade experience and is a part of the Libertex Group.

Along with adhering to all necessary regulations—which include safeguarding client assets and protecting negative balances—this company has also released a “best execution policy.” This indicates that it is a reliable one.

Who is Libertex For?

This firm offers a wide range of extremely volatile CFD products, including equities, indices, ETFs, and cryptocurrency, as in the Libertex forex broker review. This is advantageous for high-volume/high-frequency intraday traders, particularly for those instruments that have below-average spreads and commission-free trading. Longer-term traders can therefore apply day and position trading methods using the available option CFDs.


With CIF License number 164/12, Indication Investments Ltd is governed and authorized by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) in Cyprus. CySEC is ranked as a Tier-1 regulator.

The following table presents a regulatory summary of the key elements of Libertex:

Entity Features        

Indication Investments Ltd

Cyprus, Limassol






Segregated Funds


Negative Balance Protection


Compensation Scheme


Maximum Leverage

Up to 1:30

Stability and Transparency

Based on the research, it can be said that this company is a fairly transparent one. It includes a comprehensive array of important trading and investment documents, such as its best execution policy, customer classification, and client agreement. Libertex’s execution standards are available for traders to learn about through the broker’s annual execution statements.

It’s noteworthy that this firm’s website prominently features a risk banner. Less respectable brokers typically tuck away potentially depressing facts, like as the fact that over 75% of traders lose money, at the bottom of their webpages, but this company isn’t ashamed to make it prominently displayed.

In conclusion, it can be said that this firm has the following characteristics, which together provide a high degree of stability and trustworthiness:

  • Overseen and approved by an elite organization
  • Respecting all mandatory regulatory obligations
  • Quite open about the risks involved in trading


This company provides spreads on a wide range of instruments from most asset classes that are often lower than the industry average. On a certain asset class, it furthermore levies a minimal round-turn commission; nevertheless, swap prices may differ. The broker also provides some options for fee-free withdrawals and does not charge deposits. Additionally, this company keeps its inactivity cost modest, as mentioned in the Libertex forex broker review.

It charges low spreads on CFDs with underlying assets such as FX pairs, commodities, shares, indices, and cryptocurrencies when analyzed by asset class and contrasted with industry averages.

Swap Rates

A trader must pay a swap charge to keep an open position overnight. The charge deductible or credit receivable for keeping a buy position open overnight is referred to as “swap long.” Conversely, swap short refers to the costs and credits that are deductible or recoverable for maintaining an open selling position overnight.

One whole contract (100,000 units) of the base currency is represented by the values below.


Swap Long

Swap Short


Charge of €8.24      



Credit of €13.27     

Charge of €26.48

When compared to the industry as a whole, the recorded swap charges range from medium to high.


Libertex levies a 6€ round-turn commission on MetaTrader 4 and 5 for each traded lot (100,000 units). The industry average is met by this commission rate. Its platform charges a commission of 0.005% on each traded volume. The fixed commission for each traded lot comes to approximately 5€, which is less than the industry average.

When trading CFDs on energy, indexes, or specific shares, commissions are waived.

Non-Trading Fees

Deposit fees are not assessed by this company. There are also many different withdrawal alternatives, some of which are fee-free. If the balance of an inactive account is less than 5,000 EUR, the broker will charge you 10€ each month. When an account remains inactive for 180 calendar days, an inactivity fee is assessed. Until activity picks up again or the account balance hits zero, it is charged every month.

This company offers very advantageous low-to-average commissions when applicable together with cheap floating spreads on most asset classes. It works well for both short-term high-frequency/high-volume trading as well as longer-term day and position trading.

Accounts Comparison

To assist you in better understanding the differences in trading costs between using the Libertex platform and MetaTrader 4&5, the table below has been drawn. It shows the commissions and spreads for the EUR/USD pair across the three platforms. The table illustrates the trading costs for a single full lot (100,000 units) of the EUR/USD at a pip value of about EUR 9.39.

This formula has been used to determine the price of a full-sized deal of that kind:

Spread x pip value + commission

Account Type            



Net Cost*


0.1 pips



MT4 – Market

0.1 pips



MT5 – Market

0.1 pips



These are only examples and could go up or down.

According to the research, it presently costs approximately 6-7€ to trade a full-sized EURUSD position. In comparison, this is less than the €10 industry average.

Platforms and Tools

The main benefit of this company’s platform is how simple it is to perform technical analysis thanks to its adaptable charts. The platform does, however, lack a few crucial functions. Additionally, the firm provides the well-liked MetaTrader 4 & 5 platforms, which are appropriate for both novice and seasoned traders. Plus, as it’s been mentioned in the Libertex forex broker review, it also offers an easy-to-use mobile app that can be used for investing as well as trading.

Despite lacking industry-standard features like one-click trading and an alert setting option, the company’s platform boasts over 100 analytical tools.

VPS hosting is not available from this firm for MetaTrader 4 and 5. Because it allows for one-click trading, MetaTrader 5 is also more suited for implementing sophisticated trading methods like scalping. Its greater range of timeframes gives traders a more comprehensive understanding of price action tendencies.

Additionally, it has created a very useful mobile app that can be used to trade CFDs or buy actual stocks and earn dividends from them. It makes accessing international capital markets simple.

Account Types

Depending on the trading platform you choose and whether you want to trade CFDs or buy actual stocks, it offers a variety of account kinds. Every trading account has a commission of 0.0003% per traded volume in addition to fluctuating spreads starting at 0.1 pip. Swap-free trading is not permitted on this firm. Additionally, the broker provides accounts in EUR, GBP, CHF, and PLN, the four foundation currencies.

Interestingly, there is no option to use USD as the base currency. Therefore, there is a conversion cost associated with trading securities denominated in US dollars.

Because Libertex just requires a EUR 100 minimum deposit, a wide range of traders can easily open accounts with it. Implementing high-frequency and longer-term trading is appropriate when combined with generally low spreads and when applicable, industry-average commissions. The fact that this company does not impose minimum distance requirements—aside from those for the MetaTrader 5 account—also makes precision trading feasible.

The term “minimum distance” describes the gap that exists between the market price of an item and the price at which a trade is executed.


Nine lectures for novices have been released by this company under the website’s “Education” section. Since the majority of the lessons focus on using the platforms rather than teaching you how to trade, these are not very useful in real life. This kind of material isn’t meant to teach traders technical or fundamental analysis or the ins and outs of trading psychology. Each lesson consists of three or four basic texts and one or two illustrations.

In the blog section, Libertex also has roughly a dozen pieces. These are also rather basic and don’t go further enough into the subject, but they may still be helpful to beginners. For example, you could read up on the definition of CFDs, but you wouldn’t actually learn how to trade with them.

Customer Support

This company provides multilingual assistance from Monday through Friday during business hours. There is phone, chat, and email support. For more general questions, the website also features a dedicated FAQ and a Help & Support section.

Contacting the company via phone at the number provided below is the simplest method. Please be aware that international calling costs may apply and that the country code for Cyprus is (+357). Customers in Germany can also give the local number listed below a call. It doesn’t seem like it provides a call-back feature.


Libertex has created a mobile app and web trader platform that are incredibly adaptable and easy to use. It also includes the user-friendly MetaTrader 4 & 5 platforms; however, third-party tools are not included. Its selection of platforms and affordable trading costs make it advantageous for novice and experienced traders alike, as claimed in the Libertex forex broker review. They can use high-frequency trading techniques for swing and day trading, either in the short or long term.

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