Metaverse and crypto world!

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Metaverse completely affects economy and crypto world

Metaverse and crypto world! – By creating a digital world without limits, political events, and tensions, the metaverse is a safe platform for investment and economic competition that will completely change the current economy. In fact, Meta can create a secure environment full of investment opportunities with a large market volume and away from conventional economic risks.

With the spread of Metaverse in 2022, the number of users in the field is expected to increase accordingly. As a result, the need for digital currencies increases. Simply put, more money is being injected into the crypto world as users are always looking for ways to convert official currencies into cryptocurrencies. According to the Analysis Group, Metaverse will be the main driver of global economic growth over the next decade and will account for 5% of US GDP.

What Is the Metaverse, Exactly?

Metaverse is a hypothesis about the next generation of the Internet consisting of decentralized and stable 3D virtual environments. This virtual world can be accessed via virtual reality headsets, augmented reality glasses, smartphones, PCs, and game consoles.

The word Meta-verse first appeared in Neal Stephenson’s novel named Snow Crash. With the ubiquity of science and technology, many real-world activities will be possible in Metaverse, and the cycle of human activity is likely to change drastically in the coming years.

Meta verse has three basic and key features, and these features show the fundamental difference between the world of Metaverse and the existing space. “Presence”, “interaction” and “standardization” are the three basic characteristics of the Metaverse.


Source: Analysis Group

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