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Forex Article Contest, is an Academic Forex Contest with No Deposit Bonus.

It is some things that related to your profession! yes your Job is Forex Trading! is not it?
If yes, you must know a lot of things about Forex Market, Write it for us and Give Cash Bonus!

We Pay Up to 500$ To Winners, it is not just only base of Chance! because pipsafe
judges will Select best Articles base of Some Important Parameters!

Contest Rules : ( Article Parameters)

1.Articles Must Be Submitted Just only in Your Member Area of your account.
2.You must Be one Member of Pipsafe & Verify Your account at first.( it is easy, only you need Upload your identity & address documents).
3. Articles Must be about Subject of Contest, it means in any Contest we have Dedicated Subject.
4. Articles Must have Minimum 1000 Characters and Maximum 5000 Characters.(You can Check it here).
5.Article Must be 100% New(handmade) and If you Copy & past it from Other Website,you will Be exit from Contest For ever.
6. Grammar and Spelling are important, but Most important things is: Your Article must be Useful and 100% handmade( Not be Copy)

7. We will Publish Winners Articles in Pipsafe news or learning forex Section For Study of other Forex traders.

8. We have 3 VIP winners and unlimited Normal winners! we Will pay for all Approved (accepted by pipsafe experts)articles.

9.All Prize Amount are Variable! Min Amount of prize of VIP (1-3) users are 50$ & Maximum 500$ !

10. All other Users With Approved Articles will Receive 1 cent per any word!

11. If some one try open multiple account for Contest we will Ban it!

12. Pipsafe Have Right of accept or reject any article without any Responsibility for pay Prize.
Enjoy this Free Forex Contest With No Deposit Bonus!


What is your idea about official bank rate decision by central bank of England ?

Start Contest : 2015/10/05 – 07:00:00

End Contest : 2015/10/07 – 23:00:00

Contest Question : What is your idea about official bank rate decision by central bank of England?

  1.  No change and remain 0.5
  2. It will be increased to 0.75
  3. It will be decreased to 0.25
  4. Other Things will be Happen

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