Predicted the collapse of the global monetary system.

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Predicted the collapse of the global monetary system

From 2000 Online Forex trading increased and now in 2015 almost all banks are in this market are active.From one point The currencies exchange become very simple and easy but from other side sudden and unforeseen event might happen increased.Simply by making a number of individual effectiveness extreme market movements will be in a few seconds and may be one currency to destroy (Yes, in a few seconds).

Other than china whom they rate value of their currency by central bank all world powerful countries  , including America, Britain, Japan, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Russia, the Union of Europe ..are involved them self in the market.Just Imagine the American dollar against the euro  in a very short period (A few minutes) can reach to ten percent of the current available number around 0.1. This relocation rate Simple could occur by compromising number of banks without having an important economic base .

The big banks,around the world devour small banks and very large financial system in the world will converted to a small system and In this game a large number of small banks will file to bankruptcy and are Indebted to big banks.And after this terrible incident which I think and believe will happen.All the world’s major trading due to the lack of electronic financial market will stop  and the financial system  will return to the system as close as 100 years ago.This means that after a while wandering the result will be that the Financial online Forex market  is not suitable ..And the central banks of each country must specify the Order prices.And they don’t let under any circumstances fluctuation out of a certain range.The decisions of central banks will dictate the value of the currency means electronic and instant system will not determine the prices of buy and sell. In my opinion this is  the only way to save foreign exchange market at any moment Likely to face on bankruptcy or even destroy .


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