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RoboForex started operating in 2009. It has won numerous esteemed honors, such as the World Economic Magazine’s “Most Transparent Broker” title, Global Brands Magazine’s “Best Investment Products” title, and International Business Magazine’s “Most Trusted Broker” title, as mentioned in the RoboForex broker review. This business is obviously doing its task right.

It offers a wide choice of accounts to suit all skill levels, from novices to experts, which is one of its best characteristics .This company is pleased to serve more than 3.5 million customers in 169 countries, which is evidence of its popularity and acceptance around the world.

Pros and Cons

RoboForex is a trustworthy firm that offers a wide range of features suitable for both new and experienced traders in the ever-changing world of online trading.



Provides alternative platforms in addition to the MetaTrader Suite.

Pro account conditions are inferior to those of Prime and ECN accounts.

Many alternatives for accounts with top-notch trading circumstances.

fees for taking money out

Pro accounts come with no commission.

The absence of cryptocurrency instruments may be viewed as a lost opportunity.

Many Account types, including copy-trading and Islamic.


Because of its minimum deposit, it’s a great option for novices just starting out.


Traders can optimize their earnings without incurring significant transaction expenses, as spreads start at zero.



Who Is RoboForex Recommended For?

Based on the available teaching materials and account options, this broker appears to be a versatile platform suitable for novice and experienced traders alike. For instance, the website offers guidance on how to begin trading, suggesting that even complete beginners can succeed with it.

The availability of demo accounts suggests that this firm has no trouble letting novice traders try before making a commitment. It offers sophisticated accounts, like the R StocksTrader and ECN Accounts, which it claims are for “experienced” traders, in addition to serving novice traders.

In contrast, both the Pro and the ProCent are deemed “appropriate for novice and experienced” traders, as explained in the RoboForex broker review. The Bottom line is that regardless of your level of experience, don’t be scared to test it.

Assets and leverage of RoboForex

In an attempt to serve a wide range of traders, this company provides amazing leverage of up to 1:2000. A trader can join large positions with little beginning cash thanks to the high leverage, which also increases potential profits. Higher leverage might potentially exacerbate losses, therefore it’s important to handle this benefit cautiously.

Beyond this leverage flexibility, it offers a wide range of trading assets to suit different trading styles and interests. Traders have the opportunity to explore major, minor, and exotic pairings in the dynamic realm of currency pairs. Securities also provide an additional layer of investment potential.

This firm offers CFDs on shares for traders who are drawn to contemporary trading instruments and want exposure to major international corporations, according to RoboForex broker review. The platform’s embrace of modern trends is demonstrated by the addition of cryptocurrencies, which enable dealers to participate in the rapidly expanding digital currency market.

With choices to trade indexes and oil, traditional assets are also included. Finally, the availability of ETFs broadens the range of portfolio alternatives by providing a variety of investment strategies.

Key features of the RoboForex broker

This company distinguishes itself as a cutting-edge financial company by giving priority to effective, transparent, and adaptable operations while also responding to the changing demands of traders.

The R StocksTrader Strategy Builder, one of its signature products, perfectly embodies the business’s dedication to user-friendly technology. Even without any prior coding knowledge, traders may quickly turn manual methods into automatic Expert Advisors with this program. It makes the process of creating algorithms more efficient and helps traders adjust their tactics to the always-changing market conditions, as in the RoboForex broker review.


A favorite among people who value strong analytical tools along with user-friendly interfaces.

MT4 (MetaTrader 4)

Well known for being very user-friendly and having a large selection of technical indicators.

MT5 (MetaTrader 5)

A more sophisticated platform with more timeframes, economic calendars, and order types.

R MobileTrader

Designed to meet the needs of mobile traders, guaranteeing them access to markets at all times and locations.

R StocksTrader

Holdings Trader R. is a niche website designed for stock and ETF enthusiasts.

R WebTrader

This platform is web-based and doesn’t require installations or downloads to enable smooth trading.

RoboForex has designed its service offerings with accessibility, transparency, and adaptability:

Low entry barrier

This company makes trading accessible to a wide range of traders, from beginners just starting out to seasoned pros, with a just $10 minimum deposit requirement.

The A-book principle

By acting as a transparent intermediary between traders and the market, this firm removes any possibility of conflicts of interest. The broker’s dedication to a fair and transparent trading environment is strengthened by this operational strategy.

Flexible leverage

It guarantees that traders, regardless of their level of risk aversion, may discover the ideal trading conditions to complement their plans, with leverage as high as an astounding 1:2000.

Recognition and trust

This company enjoys a stellar reputation among traders. Its top spot out of 349 businesses in the Traders Union Ranking is a testament to its reliability and caliber of service.

Diverse investment options

Traditional trading instruments are not the only thing this company offers its clients. Traders can widen their financial horizons by investing in ETFs through its exclusive R StocksTrader platform.

Deposit & withdrawal methods on RoboForex

This broker provides several ways for users to deposit and withdraw money. This is a list of a few of the available approaches.

Bank payments



Processing time



deposit: 0%, withdrawal: 0.5%

up to 1 day for both.

deposit 10 – 10,000 USD. withdraw: 10 – 10,000 USD



deposit: 0%, Withdrawal: 1%

up to 1 day for both.

deposit: 10 – 25,000 USD. withdraw: 1 – 100,000 USD


deposit: 0%, Withdrawal: 1.9%

up to 1 day for both.

deposit: up to 50,000 USD. withdraw: 5 – 100,000 USD

Local bank transfer

deposit: 0%, withdrawal: up to 4%

up to 1 day for both

deposit: up to 15,000 USD. withdraw: up to 20,000 USD

Perfect money


deposit: 0.5%, withdrawal: 0.5%

up to 1 day for both

deposit: 5 – 25,000 USD. withdraw: from 0.1 USD

Western Union


deposit: 0%

deposit: up to 1 day

deposit:10 – 500 USD

 Opening an account on RoboForex

Your cabinet is easy to access and navigate, and it’s made to give you a full trading experience.

You go to the home page of the RoboForex website to get started. There’s an open an account button that is visible here. Click on it and fill out the form.

You must first open a trading account before you can start trading. This company has provided clear on-screen instructions to make this process simple to understand. With so many options for payment, funding your account is simple once it’s set up.

With its user-centric trading platform, this broker excels. Just find the download section that is meant for your device and pick the version that works with it. Your primary hub for trading activity, market research, and trade execution will be this site.

RoboForex Bonuses and promotions

This company is renowned for its large bonuses, as listed in the RoboForex broker review.

  • The traditional bonus, sometimes referred to as the Bonus, is a deposit incentive that is given to the customer when they deposit money into their account through an automated depositing system in their Members Area. The bonus is calculated as a percentage of the total amount deposited.
  • The bonus amount is up to the client to select between 25%, 50%, 100%, or 120%.
  • When you deposit money into standard or cent accounts based on MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5, you can get the bonus.
  • Bonuses cannot be credited to accounts that already have profit-sharing.
  • If the client selects the Bonus when filling out the deposit form, the Bonus is automatically transferred to his account when he puts money into his trading account.

Is RoboForex safe and legit?

In the trading community, this broker is regarded as a trustworthy one because of its commitment to authenticity and security. This firm is subject to stringent international regulatory authorities that oversee and control its operations. This has shown that the company is dedicated to upholding the greatest levels of compliance and transparency.

This commitment has paid off, as the company has won numerous accolades that attest to the quality and dependability of its offerings. This company can be a wise choice for anyone thinking about getting into trading. The confidence that clients’ assets and interests are in capable hands is strengthened by its performance history.

Is RoboForex profitable?

This firm has a large user base of more than 10,000 registered traders, demonstrating its worldwide popularity. its CopyFC technology makes trading simple, and its RAMM platform gives users access to a sophisticated risk management system in addition to copy trading, as stated in the RoboForex broker review.


This company is a reliable option if you’re thinking about starting or expanding your trading career. There are many reasons to approach this platform with confidence and take advantage of the prospects it offers, especially considering its prestigious reputation. Their rating system prioritized real client feedback and included more than 100 elements, guaranteeing a thorough broker assessment. As explained in the RoboForex broker review, Its platform is open to traders with different levels of experience, servicing more than 3.5 million customers.

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