Technical analysis of GBP/JPY dated 13.03.2015

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Technical analysis of GBP/JPY dated 13.03.2015

GBP/JPY with formation of the top price of 184.996 has started to descend and Sellers were successful in achieving the lower price of 180.185.Currently price in weekly , daily and H4 time frames is under 5-day moving average that shows a consistent descending trend with the potential of more downfalls in long period of time.

Price is going toward the support level of 180.000 (the important psychic level of Sellers) and there is not any clear reason of buy signal in long term time frames such as weekly and daily.As it is obvious in the picture below, according to the formed movements in H4 time frame, there is AB=CD harmonic pattern that the D (formation of a bottom price) point of this pattern is the first warning for a price Increase.




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