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Trade Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Monero –  The most liquid cryptocurrencies are available for trading on our Crypto accounts in Weltrade Broker.

Bitcoin is recognized as the king of cryptocurrencies being the most famous coin for payments and storage of value. The worldwide interest for cryptocurrencies and high liquidity of these instruments first of all is the merit of Bitcoin. As an icebreaker crashing the ice of skepticism this currency became the crypto fleet flagship and the envy of investors.

Litecoin developers took a note of weak sides of payment coins and have fixed them in their project. As a result, the crypto world got the payment instrument with the high transaction speed and low commission fee. Litecoin supply is limited to 84 million and the coin is still mined actively. Meet one of the Bitcoin’s crown strongest challengers, the coin that holds the lead in average daily dollar value trading volume, thus, possesses an outstanding liquidity.

Ethereum does not compete with Bitcoin and other payment coins as it dominates the other niche. The aim of this cryptocurrency is to convert distributed payment systems into the systems of general use. Thus, Ethereum can be used to build applications over it, to create derivatives and smart-contracts. The spheres of use, capabilities of development, and the supply of this coin are unlimited.

Monero was created to satisfy the demand on confidential transactions. The developers have done the great job, and as the result, the price of the coin is backed by the market forces only as no pre-mining and ICOs were done. Moreover, Monero showed the most impressive annual growth in relative terms among other cryptocurrencies. The supply of the coin is limited and the mechanism of balancing inflation and deflation is envisaged.

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