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Now Is a Perfect Time for Product Developers and Investors to Take Notice of WEB3 Space, Samsung Next Executive Says


Raymond Liao, the managing director at Samsung Next, talked in an interview about the company`s move towards Web 3 due to its investment in MachineFi. MachineFi is a term coined by the IoTeX project to describe a futuristic paradigm in which machines become the dominant workforce using Web3 technologies. According to Liao, Samsung Next is focused on investing in blockchain, artificial intelligence, and metaverse, which is why MachineFi is essential.

The Samsung executive also sees crypto winter as an opportunity to support and develop Web 3 projects. Liao said that this year is better than the last and is suitable for investors and product builders. In the past, the executive felt that market returns were too inflated. In addition, the executive emphasized that the industry should focus on implementation and face the challenge of utility to grow the Web3 ecosystem rather than concentrating on 10x returns. He added:

Now is the time to sit down and implement. We need to use this amazing web3 infrastructure more.


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