Will Bitcoin Hit $11,500?

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Will Bitcoin Hit $11,500?

According to a survey released by Morning Consult, American adults believe the price of Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency, will drop to $11,500 within the next six months. The survey shows that average Americans have become more pessimistic about Bitcoin after the FTX exchange debacle. In October, the U.S. adults predicted that the price of the main digital currency would exceed $15,000. When it comes to those survey participants who own cryptocurrencies, they are predictably more optimistic.

Cryptocurrency owners believe Bitcoin will trade at $17,500 in six months. Although some analysts say that cryptocurrencies are now dead with the collapse of the FTX, the majority of respondents believe that cryptocurrencies will still exist in ten years from now. Twenty-one percent of US adults still plan to buy cryptocurrencies in December, despite the ongoing crypto winter. Survey participants who own cryptocurrencies consider cryptocurrencies a long-term investment.


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