26 Forex Advices

26 Forex Advices

In this article I want write short advices for Forex Traders try to memorize these sentences and repeat these advices for yourself every day! It will help you to become Best Forex Trader in the world!

  1. Forex trading is an investment not an income
  2. Leverage is like a gun be careful!
  3. You have enough time to lose your money in future don’t hurry up!
  4. Trading without stop loss is like driving without brake!
  5. Forex will be profitable if it become your second job
  6. To be an elite forex trader, you must trust in yourself.
  7. Never stop forex learning
  8. Don’t trade more than 4 hours in a day.
  9. Don’t leave your demo account
  10. Define your profit goals and then choose a style of trading.
  11. Your personality should match with your trading style and strategy
  12. Chose well known forex broker
  13. Get market trend from longer time frames
  14. Get exit point from shorter time frames
  15. Don’t trade when you are tiered or angry
  16. Don’ invest all your money in Forex Market.
  17. Look at market simple and wisely
  18. Analyze your trading history every week
  19. Focus on one symbol to trade when you learn it add another symbol into your portfolio
  20. Try to programing your strategy and don’t trade manually
  21. All Forex strategies have expired time don’t rely on any strategy for ever
  22. Explainable strategy is good strategy
  23. You can’t fight against market trend
  24. Money management is more important than analysis
  25. Don’t leave Forex trading for a long time
  26. Risk/Reward ratio is most important factor in your trading strategy

Author: M.Jamshidi


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Reply omar Says
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good article I downloaded it ,thanks pipsafe

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Reply Jack Says
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I don\'t agree with no 21 some systems are forever such as gan trading

user image Reply acushnir Says
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As everyday more people are joining to the trading market, new conditions appear. Then, a strategy could be affected seriously if market conditions change widely



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