Advantages of Trading Cryptocurrency in AMarkets

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Advantages of Trading Cryptocurrency in AMarkets – Cryptocurrency as a lucrative investment tool attracts the attention of an increasing number of the public. The opinions of many economic experts converge on one thing: the cost of cryptocurrency will increase and by the end of 2018, it could repeatedly beat new records. Until recently, it was not easy to find good conditions for trading crypto coins, but AMarkets corrected this problem.

Earnings in cryptocurrency by means of mining are becoming less relevant due to a constant increase in the demand for the capacity of mining equipment. It is much easier and more convenient to extract profit from the price fluctuations of coins by trading. That is, in online mode to buy, for example, bitcoins at a low price, and then sell them at a higher, receiving profit on the difference.

To start trading the user must open an account with AMarkets and transfer his trading capital to it. Trading is conducted through a special application (trading platform) with a user-friendly interface.

Trading Cryptocurrency

Note that on 25 January 2018, the conditions for trading crypto pairs were significantly improved, becoming one of the most profitable on the market today. But it is recommended for cryptocurrency traders to work with new Bitcoin-accounts in AMarkets with extremely favourable conditions.

Bitcoin Account

The above-mentioned conditions are relevant for regular fiat currency trading accounts. But if you open an account in Bitcoins, trading becomes much more comfortable:

  • Account currency – Bitcoin, accordingly, all the profit will be in this cryptocurrency;
  • Deposit and withdrawal of funds from the trading account is carried out from Bitcoin wallets;
  • Leverage increased to 1: 100;
  • Narrow spreads;
  • The ability to trade 5 more cryptocurrencies – Dashcoin, Ethereum Classic, Monero, Zcash and Ripple, in addition to Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin;
  • Ordinary currency pairs and metals are also available for trading.

Considering the fact that the crypto-currency market works without ceasing, a very wide field opens up for traders, for the introduction of new trading methods and strategies.


Passed an Ernst & Young Audit

The audit conducted in 2017 by Ernst & Young, one of the four most authoritative companies, once again confirmed the reliability and transparency of AMarkets regarding its clients.

The audit and consultation company, Ernst & Young, was granted access to all AMarkets’ platforms for a thorough analysis of broker’s liquidity and capital adequacy. Based on the results of the audit, it was confirmed that AMarkets is more than able to fulfil all obligations to its customers.


Promo – “2 Bitcoins for the price of 1”

Trading Cryptocurrency

To all the advantages of trading crypto currency in AMarkets, you can add regular ownership of profitable shares. For example, right now an unprecedented promo – “Two bitcoins at the price of one” is going on, which allows doubling the volume of your deposit.


Thus, if you fund the account for $ 1,000, the trader will receive a deposit of $ 2,000, which will allow you to invest and earn twice as much! This is a good opportunity, for beginning investors to raise their trading capital faster, which cannot be missed. To participate in the promotion, you must deposit $ 300 to $ 10,000 into the trading account and ask your manager to credit the bonus.


AMarkets, in more than 10 years in the market, it is not the first time that it is demonstrating the highest level of loyalty to its clients. And now, with the coming of cryptocurrency in the trading space, it is offering the best trading conditions in the market.

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