An Introduction to Market Profile and a User’s Guide to Capital Flow Software

An Introduction to Market Profile and a User’s Guide to Capital Flow Software

Capital Flow Software represents a new generation of decision-making support tools for traders in the global markets. In the closing years of the 20th century, the computer will dominate the financial markets to a degree that we can as yet only imagine. What will come to the fore is not just the tireless power of the machine to monitor, calculate, survey, and scan the markets for opportunities. Since the machines will be available to all, what will make the difference is the creative ability of the individual trader to add value to the trading opportunities that the computer identifies by itself.

Capital Flow Software has been developed to fulfill these functions: first, to survey all global markets and identify high potential trading situations; and second, to support the individual trader with the best possible database and tools so that he or she can add value to the identified trade. Capital Flow Software is the culmination of many years of market study, practical trading, and empirical observation. It is based on an original approach to the markets, to market data, and to market analysis. It has been developed by a trader (as opposed to analysts) and has as its focus the practical and immediate challenges that traders face on a daily basis.

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By J. Peter Steidlmayer and Ted Hearne


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