Best strategi forex to get profit

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Best strategi forex to get profit (Forex trading system)

In Forex trading system, the line resistance or support line is shaped horizontal help lines that exist in the area of low or high on the chart area. If you want to do the chart analysis, it is advisable to determine the initial time frame TF H1 or H4.

In using this time frame is not raw, where you can also choose the type of time frame with a size larger or smaller. If the resistance will determine the area, note the high area of the chart and mark using a horizontal line with a trendline. This applies equally to the determination of the support area, note the low area of the chart and then mark with a horizontal line trendline.

Support and Resistance Levels Trading Strategy (Trade On Support and resistance Levels)

The service that runs on this strategy is very diverse and it is important for you to understand. When the resistance is cut by the price movement with a range of more than forty pips, indicating resistance to change its role into the support area. Vice versa, if the area where the support at break by the price movement with a range of more than 40 Pips, then turned into resistance.

This strategy also only sell transactions on the resistance and buy transaction in the support area. To take profit, you are advised to take 30 pips or more, but you are also allowed to take profit under thirty pips. For the model of money management, you are advised to use a simple model without previous compounding. The use of stop loss must be used, this is because the price at any given moment will have a good break of support or resistance.

Support and resistance lines in Forex trading (Support and resistance strategies)

Do not forget to always pay attention to the shift in the line support and resistance lines when the price movement. Routine checks on the price movement is important because it will affect the function changes as well be the deciding factor support or resistance line.

When the resistance at break, their role has turned into support, and so did the support line where he would turn the role into resistance when subjected to break as a result of price movements. That is a brief description of support and resistance strategies that you can use in trading.

A Simple Strategy for Forex Traders for Traders (Forex trading strategy)

Anything as simple as a system, basically you can certainly change them into Forex trading system that provides a consistent profit. But of course required the use of a disciplined strategy and money management coupled with adequate accuracy.

System or Forex trading strategy described above is the basic thing in the business of trading, and the implementation of course you can join or combine these strategies with other trading strategies that you like in order to get maximum profit.

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