Binary Option Or Forex Market?

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Binary Option Or Forex Market?

Binary Option is currently more famous after the first global Forex. There are both differences and similarities in both the Binary options or Forex. By knowing the difference then we can choose the appropriate method of trading trading style and strategy. Here I will briefly describe the differences and similarities of each.
A. Size of Trading (Size of Trading in Forex Market)

In Forex trading using the unit Lot size, while for Binary Option USD using the unit, which is directly determined from the value of capital.

B. Instruments traded (Forex Trading instruments)

For Forex instruments traded are in the form of Forex currency pairs, spot, metal, stocks and others, while Binary is forecast up and down a pair Forex.

C. Order Position (Types of FX and Binary option Orders)
In Forex there are various kinds of order positions, Buy or Sell, Pending Order which we can use the Buy Stop or Sell Stop and Buy Limit or Sell Limit. Whereas for Binary Option are Call / Put or High / Low, Touch / No Touch and In / Out. Binary Option Impressed easier to use and does not need to learn things that are quite complicated.

D. The size of the Profit and Loss (Calculation of Profit and Loss in Forex and Binary Option)
For Forex profit and loss adjusted for fluctuations in price movements in the market. In Forex, Risk Management was determined by the number of Stop Loss and Take Profit Amount. Even then, the Unit Pips. As for Binary Option, Profit determined according to the payout rate is determined before the opening Option. To Loss, according to the capital value. Binary options Risk management simpler and easier because everything can be seen in the nominal value.

E. Cost Trading (Pips and spreads in Forex and Binary Option)

For the Forex spreads or commissions are determined by each broker, while for Binarry Option, no spread or commission fees.

F. Close Position (How to Close a  Position in Forex & Binary options)

In the Forex in a closing position can be done in various ways, including by Manual, Stop Loss, Take Profit, or Margin Call. Pasar always open 24 hours and at any time we can close and open tranasksi Forex broker should immediately implement them immediately. Binary Option for only one car that Expire Time. trader must choose when the time expires. Whether it’s one hour or one day before traders transact. Trading will be closed automatically when time has expired.

G. Trading Platform (Trading PlatformS for Binary Options)
On the last trading Forex platform various types including MT4, MT5, CTrader, there are also WebTrader. As for Binary Option There are only WebTrader Any such SpotOption, TechFinancials, MarketPulse, and others

It was concluded that both have advantages and disadvantages. We could possibly be able to choose a suitable trading platform with us so that we can benefit from this investment. It all comes back to us in choosing to make a profit.

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