Binary Options is a new services from Brokers

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Binary Options is a new services from Brokers (Binary Option Trading)

Binary Option Trading is betting services newly easier for the transaction, but can not freely for analysis, not to the extent of floating minus, because every transaction minus and profit automatically limit the system and can not change when the contract is done, do not wear margin calculation or a lot, there is no leverage, can not use the robot, or expert, there are no indicators, no script, if I do not like in binary option trading .

Binary Options Trading Explained (Binary Option Definition)

Binary can not trade until the weekly long run of monthly or even yearly, a maximum of only a few hours to let the transaction open While Forex, more flexibility in beranalisa and transact in the appeal of binary option trading, can change the length of loss or profit margins with as they pleased, a lot of indicators on the chart, could use the robot or Forex expert Adviser, using calculations lot and leverage, but that is often overlooked is the limit losses because MT4 not directly attached limit losses and gains, so far my pick Forex in the appeal binary option trading.

By Zumarul Abror

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