BNB Chain Technical Roadmap for Ecosystem Development

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BNB Chain Technical Roadmap for Ecosystem Development

Recently, Binance announced its new program to compete with Ethereum. The goal of this roadmap is to improve Binance’s infrastructure and provide a more stable and secure network for users. The BNB chain, which consists of two separate networks, recently announced its technical plans and aims to upgrade the decentralized network structure and increase the infrastructure capacity of this blockchain for side chains.

In February, Binance Group chose the name “BNB Chain” for Binance Chain and Smart Binance Chain to maintain the connection between the two networks and the Binance token. BNB Chain is a multi-chain infrastructure layer that powers the BNB token ecosystem.

Executive director of the BNB Foundation ,Uri Ferruccio, shared his assessment of how implementing the roadmap can aid the growth of the BNB chain ecosystem, stating:
These technological advancements are significant as they will bring substantial changes for both the developer community and end users […] the emphasis will be on innovation, sustainability, strengthening the governance mechanism of BNB Chain and investing heavily in security.

Source: cointelegraph,

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About Binance:  Shape the future of technology. The Binance Exchange slogan cannot be taken as unrelated to the previous responsibilities of its founders. Changpeng Zhao, who goes by CZ, is the founder and CEO of Binance. The exchange was established by him in 2017 and only four years have passed since its activity in the cryptocurrency market.. Binance ranks first in the world in terms of the trading volume. Binance first started in China. After the exchange was restricted by the Chinese government, it was transferred to Japan, then Taiwan, and finally Malta. Read more….

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