Challenge with the Forex market

Challenge with the Forex market


Have you ever try to move forex market prices?!

 May be you think I am joking but it is reality and it become behind your mind when you are trading absolutely not always but it will happen most time especially when you are facing with amazing market movement like this:




All market indicators and technical analysis show you the market trend is bearish and you are sure that market will go down! Then you open a position without Stop Loss because you are in the market trend and trend is your friend!!

But EURUSD surprise you!
Many forex traders when open a position Buy/Sell they want market move through their position! In fact, you imagine the market movement just through your position! And it is very bad imagination.You must know that the forex trader is surfer on the market not wave drawer! market will not go as you wish and it is very unpredictable some time just like above EURUSD movement.
A clever trader is like ocean surfer a cleaver surfer will not try to move against the ocean waves he just try to balance himself and use the waves power to move himself.Ocean surfer will not try to move against the waves when you are surfing on the forex market you must know that there is no fix formula to be successful in your trade you should surf on the market waves like an ocean surfing.You should count on your talent, balance, patience also you should have a proper equipment and being mindful of your surroundings.

What are good equipment for forex trading?
Stable internet connection, good Pc or laptop, comfort chair and desk and silent room.
Challenge with forex market will be easier if you prepare your equipment’s.
And you should equip your orders with Stop Lose, Stop Lose is like revival vest for surfer.
Well remember that you are surfer not wave drawer! Just try to enjoy with the market waves.

Have a good trade

Author: M.Jamshidi


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