The difference between Forex vs. Binary Option

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The difference between Forex vs. Binary Option are:

Forex Margin and Leverage Explained 

For Forex margin, you can put some funds as margin which depends on the amount of leverage that you have selected. When you experience a loss and your margins are at a low point, you will be exposed to a margin call that usually you are told to add investment funds and you will not be able to carry out a transaction or trade.

Binary Option Margin  Explained 

For Binary Option You do not need to worry about margins, because the margins shall not apply in trading Binary Option, and do not worry you’ll never exposed to Margin Call, but that you funds invested could be lost if you missed estimates.

The Dangers of Forex and Binary Options Trading!

For Forex gains and losses is very dangerous for those who are not careful, because you will lose a lot of investment and you’ve invested can be depleted, for Binary Option before entry you will know the amount of loss you will experience, in addition to losses that will you naturally you will also know the advantages that you will gain after a predetermined time limit is commonly called the expiration time.

Spreads on the Forex and Binary Options Market

For an additional fee, there is a surcharge that Forex spreads bid and ask prices, as well as the cost of rollover or swap costs also. For Binary Option traders will not be exposed to any cost.

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